Can Managed Services Save Dallas Companies Money?

It may seem counterproductive for a business in Dallas to bring in a service to save money. Small to mid-sized businesses often assume that working in-house in the lowest cost option, but for IT services, including full managed services, hiring an outside company is often much more cost-effective in the short and long term.

There are several good reasons why the cost of outsourced IT managed services is a better deal for a business. One of the key factors is the automation levels through these companies. Basic network and system maintenance checks and tests are completed without the need for technician oversight, which allows the managed service to charge a low, flat rate.

Limit the Risk of Security Breaches

There are also the preventative issues with managed IT services for any business. Companies can choose from selected services to pay for just want they need and will use.

At the same time, there are also experts with specialized training and experience in IT management focused on the account. This allows for immediate installation of security updates and patches, addressing known vulnerabilities and limiting the risk of zero day attacks.

By starting with a security audit, the service can also make modifications or add security features to the current network to reduce the risk of future security breaches.

Increase Performance Across the Network

Maximizing the efficiency of the network is one of the many benefits of managed services which will boost performance for a Dallas company. Increased network performance means less time in accessing data and performing tasks through the system, which all assists in increasing productivity.

Decreasing Consulting, Staffing and IT Costs

Most businesses without an in-house IT department and even those with an IT department will hire consultants and service technicians for the system and network upgrades and emergency repairs. By choosing managed IT services, this can often be completed remotely, saving on costs of bringing in people throughout the year.

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