Can Criminal Lawyers in Philadelphia Really Get Charges Dismissed?

When a person commits a crime and is arrested for it, they’re facing jail time, fines, and more. They’re also facing potential difficulties finding a place to live or a job in the future because they’ll have a criminal background. This can be incredibly scary, especially if the person has never been arrested before. With the evidence against them, some people feel it’s a good idea to just plead guilty and accept their sentence to save the cost of a lawyer.

Many times, this is actually the wrong thing to do. Criminal Lawyers in Philadelphia can do quite a bit to help their clients, even if it seems like there’s just too much evidence against them. In some cases, the lawyer may even be able to help their client have the charges dismissed altogether so the person won’t have to worry about sentencing or their future. Most of the time, this is done by showing that the prosecution doesn’t have as much evidence as they believed.

If a person is pulled over and arrested for a DUI, for example, there are procedures that need to be followed by the police. If any of these is not properly followed, the entire arrest may be illegal. Most people have a general idea of what their rights are, but Criminal Lawyers in Philadelphia know exactly how every step of the investigation and arrest should proceed. They can often spot something wrong that the average person would have missed, especially if the person has never been arrested before. This is why lawyers tell their clients to speak as little as possible after an arrest. They don’t want the person to accidentally say something that proves their guilt.

Working with one of the Criminal Lawyers in Philadelphia is far better than just pleading guilty and accepting the sentence. In some cases, the lawyer can help the client have the charges dismissed. In others, the charges could be lowered or the sentence might be minimal. Even when the person is absolutely sure they’re going to be found guilty, the Criminal Lawyers in Philadelphia may have ways to avoid a criminal charge or a lengthy sentence.

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