Can Anyone Explain The Set Up Behind The Chevrolet Dealership For San Antonio TX?

When it comes to the inner workings of the motor trade, I only know that, unless I do a private deal with an individual for me to purchase the car that he currently owns and drives, I have to get involved with the “trade”. Even some of the terminology confuses me somewhat.

Do Dealers Own Dealerships?

In our language, where words can have multiple meanings that only become clear from the context in which they are used, a sale can also be called a “deal” and the salesperson becomes a “dealer”; but where does the word “dealership” fit this scenario? About as far as I can figure it; if someone is selling (let’s say) Chevy’s; he can legitimately call himself a “Chevy dealer”; whereas, if he has some sort of authorization from the Chevrolet Division of General Motors LLC, he is allowed to call his business a “Chevrolet dealership for San Antonio”. Presumably, the dealer will only be selling what we now call “pre-owned” Chevy’s.

“Pre-owned”; Another Language Oddity

Back in the day, we all knew that secondhand meant that something had been previously owned by someone else and, since, presumably, they had been using it; we could also say “used”. I guess that, with today’s consumer protection laws and regulations, we can no longer say secondhand in case the object is actually fourth-hand, etc? But, why not simply say “used”?

Getting Back To The Subject Matter

While I can (almost) appreciate the reason why I cannot go directly to the factory of a car manufacturer and get my new vehicle from them at a price that cuts out all the “middle men”; I am puzzled over who is the best outfit to go to should I wish to purchase (say) a new Chevy? Is my local, San Antonio Chevy dealer ruled out because I want a brand new vehicle; thus forcing me to go to an authorized Chevrolet dealership For San Antonio area?

Furthermore, if I check on the web (using my local post code), I see at least 5 entities listed as Chevrolet dealerships in and around San Antonio; could this mean that, if I shop around them, I might get a better deal at one of them? Alternatively, do some give better service than others? I still don’t know the answers!

When choosing a Chevrolet dealership In San Antonio area, you won’t go wrong if you contact Wommack Chevrolet in Castroville. . By the way, as well as brand new, they also sell pre-used Chevy’s.

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