Can a Home Health Care Agency in Santa Monica, CA Help With Wound Care?

When some type of accident led to a stay in the hospital and, possibly, a wound that will take quite some time to heal, it’s often prudent to think about arranging for some type of support from a Home Health Care Agency in Santa Monica CA. The idea is to ensure that, once the patient is well enough to leave the hospital, the remainder of the recovery process includes access to a reasonable amount of care. Here is what a professional from the agency can do to ensure the wound continues to heal properly.

Checking the Wound

Depending on the severity of the wound, a nurse from a local Home Health Care Agency in Santa Monica CA will be around daily, or at least a few times during the week, to check the status of the wound. This is important since it allows the medical professional to check for signs of infection, discoloration, and any other types of complications. The nurse can also talk with the patient about any type of pain or discomfort associated with the wound, including if the pain seems to be lessening each day.

Dressing the Wound

Part of caring for the wound does involve changing the dressing. After inspecting the area and making notes about any changes, the nurse can ensure the right type of topical medication, gauze, and other dressing elements are used. One major benefit of leaving this in the hands of a professional is ensuring the dressing is tight enough to stay in place but not so tight it interferes with the healing process.

Reporting the Results to the Primary Care Physician

The nurse will stay in close contact with the patient’s primary care physician. The goal is to ensure there is no delay in making any changes to treatment should they become necessary.

If surgery is looming and part of the recovery period will be spent at home, Get more information here about what the right home health care agency can provide. Making plans in advance ensures there is no lapse in medical support from the time the individual leaves the hospital and completes the process of healing at home.

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