Can a Child Custody Order be Modified?

Do you need to modify your child custody agreement? As children grow, custody agreements might need to change. Couples who get divorced when a child was a toddler may have made a custody arrangement then, but it needs some adjusting now that the child is attending school. What happens if a parent needs to relocate for their job? There can be many reasons to discuss modifications with a child custody lawyer in Harrisburg, PA.

What if Parents Agree?

There are some instances where both parents easily agree about a change in custody. This might occur informally, but even if they agree, it should be noted as a “Modified Agreement.” This allows the courts to enforce the terms of a new agreement should there be any violations. It can move along smoothly and quickly if both parents agree. However, if they do not, one parent may need to request an alteration from the court.

What’s in The Child’s Best Interest?

When a parent requests a modification, the judge will carefully consider the request, but only in light of what the best interest of the child may be. There are 16 factors considered in Pennsylvania courts. One of those considerations is to ensure contact between child and parent can be frequent and continuing. Other factors may also include:

  • Siblings

  • Child’s preference (depending on age and maturity of the child)

  • The extended family

  • Providing continuity and stability for the child

What if a Parent Needs to Relocate For Work?

Sometimes a modification is necessary due to a parent relocating to keep their job. There are some specific laws regarding relocation. It might be best to discuss the issue with a child custody lawyer in Harrisburg, PA. There are many factors to be considered such as the effect on the child’s educational pursuits, visitation, and other relationships.

Are you in need of a child custody modification? Contact our experienced child custody lawyers in Harrisburg, PA to learn how we can help you. Visit the Harshberger Law Firm website today.

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