Call on Limb Removal Services Near St. Paul Minnesota To Handle Damaged Limbs

Trees can withstand a lot of stress from storms, age and disease, but eventually damaged limbs become a liability. When a tree limb’s health makes it likely that high winds, heavy snow or ice, or even just the no-return point caused by disease will cause the limb to fail, it’s time to call in a professional service. Timberline Tree Service offers Limb Removal Services Near St. Paul Minnesota.

Why should tree limbs be removed?

A tree limb that has been partially snapped off by snow, ice, a lightning strike or similar types of damage must be removed immediately for the safety of the tree and homeowner’s property and family. A weak limb that has been damaged is much more likely to be brought down by more high winds or severe weather conditions. A tree limb that comes down in this manner always doesn’t fall in a convenient or safe place, but instead might hit a roof, garage or car. Electrical and cable wires can be affected by a tree limb that falls in the wrong place. Diseased limbs need to be cut back so that the damage won’t proliferate. Tree limbs that are growing unevenly can be pruned so the tree will look fuller and more attractive.

When should tree limb removal be done?

Tree limbs that have split and are in danger of falling or those that have died or are diseased should be trimmed or removed as soon as possible. Otherwise, the limbs can most effectively be removed in the late winter or early spring before the tree’s buds start to open. Tree limb pruning shouldn’t be done when the weather is extremely cold or very hot and dry, as these conditions can stress the tree even further.

Who should handle tree limb removal?

Many homeowners think that removing a tree limb is simply a matter of taking a saw to the affected limb and cutting it off. That might be a very big mistake. Experts who provide Limb Removal Services Near St. Paul Minnesota have the equipment to reach high limbs and the knowledge to determine exactly how diseased a limb might be and how far back it should be trimmed. Call on the experts at Timberline to help care for valuable trees on a property.

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