California Homeowners Sometimes Prefer Wood Over a Vinyl Fence in Riverside, and There are Three Big Problems With That

Vinyl fencing has a few unique features that differentiate it wildly from other more traditional forms of fencing. One of the most popular forms is, of course, wood. Vinyl fencing is starkly different in every way.

What does the style have over wood? Is it objectively better or just a different approach? Below is a quick look at three reasons why a vinyl fence in Riverside could be the most tactful and logical strategy for the yard?

The Lack of Maintenance

The lack of maintenance has a lot to do with the paint. Wood often has a hard time retaining paint, requiring a new primer every few years. The wood itself also needs focused protection against termites and degradation.

Termites want nothing to do with vinyl. Further, vinyl does not lose color over time due to its material construction. Owners don’t need to repaint it. Vinyl fencing requires virtually no maintenance. Some homeowners may want to scrub it down with soap a few times a year, but little else is required.

Good-Old Durability

There are some subjective reasons to take vinyl over wood, such as how pretty it looks. But, there is one definitive and objective feature of vinyl over wood. It is durability. Without a doubt, vinyl fencing is more durable than wood. Its flexibility is a major reason for this. It can withstand winds by bending ever-so-slightly. Wood is notoriously inflexible. It can withstand some pressure, but if it reaches its maximum point, it destroys the fencing.

Invulnerable to Salt

The last reason is perhaps the most important for California homeowners. Salt has little impact on vinyl. Being right alongside the Pacific Ocean is then, of course, a problem. it can easily stand against the wind from the ocean, and the salt water contained in the air.

Wood is popular because of its aesthetic qualities. It offers a very cozy and old-style look that people naturally prefer. But, it lacks in a few of the above qualities that are more poignant and focused with a vinyl fence in Riverside. There’s more to know. Visit the Site for a complete breakdown of differing qualities between these two fence types, and others.

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