California Company Offers Custom Upholstery for Your Restaurant Booths

Opening a restaurant in California requires creating an atmosphere that is inviting. Booths in your restaurant need something that pops. The upholstery should be colorful and help your restaurant decor stand out. Custom restaurant booths from Whittier, CA upholsterers can really make a difference.

Leather in Lots of Colors

Most restaurant booths utilize a leather or faux leather material for the upholstery. The main reason being that the leather or faux leather is very easy to clean and sanitize after diners have left. The second biggest reason for using these materials to upholster restaurant booths is that they come in a wide variety of colors and textures. You can customize the look of your booths with all of the available options.

Cloth Instead of Leathery Upholstery

While other types of cloth and textiles aren’t generally recommended for restaurant booth upholstery, it doesn’t mean you can’t choose them. Some restaurants do quite well pairing a chenille or velvet back with a vinyl or leather seat. You can mix and match fabrics just as much as you might mix colors.

Custom restaurant booths from Whittier designers show you how to select colors, fabrics, designs, and textures to achieve the look you want in your restaurant. Virtual mock-ups give you a good idea of how your choices might look. Always keep in mind ease of cleaning as a factor in your decision.

To get started, contact Advanced Upholstery via Request an appointment today to see how your booths could look.

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