Buying for Business – When to Buy New

There is certainly money to be saved by purchasing used items. Whether it’s clothes or furniture for your family, or a certified, pre-owned vehicle, Americans know that buying used can save a buck or two. However, there are some areas where buying used should be considered with caution, and business is one of these.

Surveyors – Repair or Buy New

If you run a land surveying business, it is important to consider every technology purchase you make as an investment in your company. It may be tempting to pounce when you see used land surveying equipment for sale, but there are pitfalls to buying used. It is always best to go with what you know by having your current machinery repaired if possible, or to purchase a brand-new item. This way, any flaws, and faults will be obvious, and the cause will be easier to pinpoint.

Many retailers who sell survey equipment new also offer repairs, so you can rely on the same people for either option you choose.

Why Used Isn’t Always a Great Choice

We all know that buying used items can be an ecologically friendly and budget-wise decision, but when purchasing business tools, it can actually be detrimental. It’s like they say: when you buy electronics secondhand, you are “purchasing someone else’s problem”. Any flaws in the wiring, bugs in the software or other issues will be inherited along with the device itself, and figuring out the issue when you aren’t the item’s original owner can be difficult. This is why not only should heavy machinery be purchased new or repaired when possible, but electronics as well.

Making your budget stretch as a business owner can be difficult, but the most important factor in making professional purchases is to get the most for your money. When making a purchase, always consider the value you’re receiving as part of your transaction, and how long your item is likely to last. When taking all of this into consideration, it’s easy to see why repairs and replacement with new items are the smarter choice for land surveyors and any other machinery-based business. Visit  for more information.