Buy Your Steak At A Butcher Shop In Kansas City, MO

There’s no lack of people who desire a delicious juicy steak. But, all steaks are not cooked well, and that could be because of the cut of steak or how it was prepared. Would you like to know how to select a steak and cook it? It doesn’t matter whether you shop at the local market or the Valley Oaks Steak Company. The important thing is knowing how to cook each particular cut of steak. Here are a few helpful tips for steak lovers.

Filet Mignon and Ribeye

A butcher shop Kansas City, MO is sure to have filet mignon. This piece of beef comes from a little-worked muscle of the cow. Therefore, it’s very tender and contains very little fat. Try roasting or grilling the filet. However, there are those who think sous vide is best. Sous vide is a method of cooking that allows one to better control food’s temperature. Chefs use this method frequently. Filet mignon is sometimes called beef tenderloin.

Ribeye steaks come either bone-in or boneless. It’s a prized cut of beef with a lot of marbling that heightens the flavor of the meat. Ribeyes are also called Delmonico steaks or cowboy steaks. They’re great fried in a cast-iron skillet or on the grill. Ribeyes have high-fat content so well-done lovers don’t have to worry about the meat getting tough.

New York Strip and Porterhouse

Ask for a New York Strip the next time you visit the butcher shop Kansas City, MO. The New York Strip falls in between the filet mignon and ribeye on the marbling and tenderness scale. The New York Strip is less expensive but just as delicious. It’s sometimes referred to as a Sirloin or Kansas City steak. Cook the New York Strip like you cook the ribeye. There’s less fat so it’s easy to overcook the Strip.

Interestingly, porterhouse steak is a filet mignon and New York strip separated by a T-shaped bone. Hence, Porterhouse steak is also known as T-bone steak. It’s difficult to get this piece of steak cooked just right. No matter how it’s cooked, the filet should get less heat than the strip.

Cooking Rules

Steaks don’t need a lot of seasoning. Moreover, seasoning should be added after the steak cooks. Steak should always rest a few minutes after cooking so the juices are evenly distributed. For more information, contact website page.

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