Business Moving in Orange County, CA Made Easy

Moving all the components of a business from one location to another can be a logistical nightmare. Packing, planning, loading, unloading, and getting organized in the new space with as little down time as possible is overwhelming. Owners and managers facing Business Moving in Orange County CA can relax and eliminate stress by using an experienced moving company from start to finish. This leaves more time to focus on advertising the move and providing customers with directions to the new location.

The Beginning

A free, on-site estimate or a free online quote will let owners know what packing supplies and full moving services will cost. Since there are no hidden fees, there will be no surprises. Movers can be at the location early to start packing all equipment, furniture, filing cabinets, retail displays, office accessories, or manufacturing components. Over ten years of experience helps with efficiency in all types of Business Moving in Orange County CA. Discover more About Safeway Moving & Storage before deciding on the right moving company.

The Move

Securely packed items are then placed into the moving van and driven to the new location whether that is across town, across the state, or across the country. International services are offered as well. The truck is unloaded upon arrival, and items can be unpacked and organized by the professional movers. Arrival time is based on the distance, days needed for travel, and the day of the week the truck is expected to arrive. A Sunday night arrival time, for example, can mean that the truck is not unloaded until Monday morning.


Small business owners looking to save money while moving can decide to scale down moving services. Loading and unloading services are an option with the owner and staff doing all the packing and unpacking. This is ideal for a local move because all staff are likely to keep their current positions and will be available to participate in the moving process. A combination of services can be arranged to make the move go smoothly without going over budget. It is possible to have staff pack up files, decor, and small items while movers pack up the equipment.

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