Burned Home? Hire a Fire Damage Restoration Company in San Diego, CA

Fire damage continues after the flames have been put out. Professionals at EcoPure Restoration know that the heat from the fire starts chemical reactions that continue after the fire ends. They can evaluate furniture and household items and quickly determine which items can be saved and which have to be thrown out. Their professional contractors can tackle fire damage in apartments, homes and townhomes, office buildings and retail shops. They use environmentally-sound techniques that have been approved the by Federal Drug Administration. Property owners may be surprised that fire damage restoration in San Diego, CA also includes mold and mildew prevention. That’s because firefighters use a lot of water to stop a fire.

The company offers a complete array of fire damage restoration in San Diego, CA. This includes scorch marks removal, odor removal, mold and mildew cleanup and reconstruction. Ironically, contractors may have to install large heaters in a burned home to completely dry out walls and floors. Any floor coverings, upholstery, and draperies that weren’t burned will have to be dried out completely to prevent a mold infestation. They will also have to use powerful steam cleaners to remove any stains and odors from the fabric. These machines are calibrated to use enough steam to clean and deodorize fabric. They dry the area completely so that mold cannot attack the area.

If drywall, support beams and floorboard are damaged beyond repair, the water restoration team includes contractors that can do the work. This means that they won’t have to wait for another company to find the time to schedule the work. The project manager can keep the team moving and that means that the property owner will be able to move home or open their store sooner.

Paying for fire damage restoration in San Diego, CA is a concern for property owners. EcoPure Restoration has a long history of working effectively with insurance companies. They directly bill the insurance company so homeowners don’t have to pay the bills and worry about reimbursement. Their contractors are also on site for the insurance company inspection. This ensures that all items are included in the claim.

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