Burial Service Stonington

Everyone deals with death in his or her own way. Loss of a loved one can leave a person confused as to what to do next. Questions include: What do I need for the death certificate? What Burial Service Stonington do I want to use? What extras do I need? Will there be an open or closed casket viewing? Ideally, the funeral home will provide guidance through this troubling maze of death. It is important that the service both adequately convey the life of the decedent as well as comfort the mourning family and friends.

Burial Service In Stonington should include a meeting to discuss the arrangements, planning the funeral, consulting with the family, contacting clergy, filing of necessary notices, and coordinating with the cemetery or other third parties. There is usually a set cost for these features.

Optional features for Burial Service Stonington include embalming (there is no law requiring embalming except in special circumstances), make up, hair styling, dressing the body for the casket, arranging the body in the casket and washing and disinfecting unembalmed remains. Also there is the choice whether to have the visitation the night before the burial or the same day. It is less expensive to do it all in one day. There are additional fees if the body has to be moved from one location to another, for example, sending a body to a church for a religious burial service.

For the funeral procession, the Burial Service Stonington should be able to provide the hearse, limousines for the family, a lead car required for funeral processions, and a car for the flowers and other utilities. Paper products that may be offered include a guest book, acknowledgment cards and prayer cards.

The decor of the funeral home should be muted and tasteful, offering different sized chapels for the dead. Usually there will be a private room off the chapel for family to escape to so they can pull themselves back together to continue the visitation. The funeral home should have adequate parking for the mourners.

There are many things to consider when having a funeral for a loved one. Ultimately, the funeral home should guide the family into the least stressful memorial for a loved one.

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