Burglar alarms – Simple but effective

Burglar alarms are a popular, and effective way to protect ones home or business. Do not let their effectiveness scare you into thinking they are complex. In the simplest terms a burglar alarm is merely an electrical circuit. As most people know electricity can only flow when you have a complete circuit. The 2 main types of alarm systems are a closed circuit, or an open circuit. In the open circuit the sensors are normally open contacts and when an intruder opens a door or window the circuit closes and sets of the alarm. In a closed circuit the system is armed when the circuits are closed. Opening a door or window will open the circuit and set off the alarm system. Generally multiple sensors will be in one system and controlled by a central control panel. The system may also be monitored by a security company. There are a number of choices in burglar alarm companies in Guildford.

Which type is best?

In an open circuit an intruder would merely have to cut one wire on the sensor to disable it. Since the system is “set” when the circuits are open, by cutting a wire the system cannot go into alarm because opening the door will no longer close the circuit. For this reason a closed system is the generally preferred method of installing a burglar alarm. Cutting a wire would have the same effect as opening the door or window, and set off the alarm system. It is much more difficult to fool a closed circuit system.

How many sensors do you need?

When planning an alarm system you need to do a thorough perimeter check of your home or business, looking for access points. Besides the obvious doors and windows there may be other ways to force an entry. There may be skylights, roof hatches, or any number of access points. But with the simplicity of the sensors once you can imagine a way in it is easy to devise a way of alarming that point. For your security when getting a burglar alarm in Guildford it is best to get the system designed and installed by a professional.

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