Brilliant Opportunities Provided By A Cosmetic Dentist In Redding

Kentucky dental patients have immediate access to restorative measures that could improve their smiles. These measures are considered cosmetic dental services; however, select dental insurance provides coverage for these opportunities. A Cosmetic Dentist in Redding identifies the best treatment option for their patients.

How Veneers are Helpful

Veneers are bonded to the exterior of the tooth enamel. They are used to correct discoloration and simple alignment issues. The dentist may provide these devices to correct misshapen teeth. These devices could improve the overall appearance of the patient’s smile. They could also correct minor damage.

Replacing Teeth With Dental Implants

After an extraction, a dentist could replace the damaged tooth with a dental implant. The dentist begins the procedure by placing a titanium root into the tooth socket. It is connected directly to the jawbone for added support. Next, the dentist installs the tooth crown with abutment. The procedure may take a couple dental appointments to complete.

Improving the Aesthetics of Damaged Teeth with Crowns

A crown is used to protect the tooth after repairs are made. The dentist reshapes the tooth to resemble a cone. This allows for a proper fit for the crown. Next, they install the crown over the entire tooth. The dentist may use professional-grade adhesive or an abutment to secure it. Crowns are also used as added protection after a root canal has been sealed.

Crowns are used to connect permanent bridges as well. The dentist places one crown at each end of the bridge. This prevents the bridge from moving or becoming lose.

Teeth Whitening Opportunities

Teeth whitening opportunities are used to eliminate stubborn stains. The dentist performs the treatment by applying a peroxide solution onto each tooth. They also use an ultraviolet light to maximize the results of the treatment.

Kentucky dental patients acquire cosmetic treatments to correct damage and to enhance their smile. These procedures are used to make the smile appear more aesthetically pleasing. They can also correct damage quickly and restore the tooth completely. Patients who wish to acquire these services should contact a Cosmetic Dentist in Redding or Click Here for more information about these procedures today.

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