Breaking Down an Average Settlement Potential With a Dog Bite Injury Attorney in Norwich, CT

A dog bite has happened to someone in the family. Now, the families are deciding whether the medical bills are pricey enough to pursue legal action. They also need to consider the sacrifices they need to make to pursue a case and include the chance that it may not come through in their favor. Though there are millions of possibilities, and below is an overview of what a typical settlement will come to.

First, a Dog Bite Injury Attorney in Norwich CT will outline the different types of compensation. There is the clear medical compensation, which is a lot easier to measure compared to the other type. This is compensation related to pain and suffering, including any emotional harm caused. For example, the medical expenses may be marginal with a child due to different types of insurance coverage for a minor injury. But, the emotional pain and suffering by the child (as well as the parent) could be enough to create a sizable lawsuit.

The attorneys will measure the hard costs of the medical expenses. Added to that are all the other extraneous expenses. This can include anything from parking expenses paid when visiting the hospital or medications that were not covered by the insurance.

Another contribution to the hard costs is the loss of wages. This is generally tracked through the employer, who will provide paperwork for the amount of time that was lost to the hospital visits. This applies with a child who was injured, and the parent had to take off work to care for them.

The Dog Bite Injury Attorney in Norwich CT,will use one of two strategies to determine the less easily measured expenses. All of the above creates the core compensation; the items that can be tracked. Pain and suffering are not so easily assessed. The attorney will typically compute the total amount. For example, expenses based on medical, lost wages, and out-of-pocket items cost $50,000. The total lawsuit claim will typically seek $100,000.

Stephen M. Reck may potentially suggest taking the traditional medical expenses and quadrupling it. This will create the amount used for pain and suffering compensation. All other expenses are then added. Browse the website for more on compensation in a dog bite case.

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