Branding: The Story Of Brand Name Sneakers

Sneakers are big business. Approximately 70% of the total revenues for footwear manufacturers and retailers are from sneakers. Yet, this once obscure type of footwear was once considered for use only in sports. Its evolution from sporting footwear to stylish statement; from elite shoes to the mainstream is the result of a concept called branding. On the market place, although generic footwear continues to sell, it is the Brand Name Sneakers that continue to acquire fans and make the most money.

What is Branding?

Branding is term referring to the application of a word, logo or image by a company to help consumers identify their product or products. It is a means of separating one from the other, of placing a product/company firmly in the marketplace. Its intent is to provide recognition of the company and separate it from its field of competitors with similar products and/or services. Branding even extends to sport teams and countries. You recognize a country by its symbol a team by its insignia. These all act to draw your attention to who they are and what they do.

Why Branding?

Yet, a brand is not merely a smart logo linked to a memorable name. It is a way to promote your product. It is advertising at its most impressive. It forges a link between the product – which must be quality and in current fashion, and those who wear it. If someone likes the product, has a good experience with it, they will forever link its name, logo or brand to that occurrence.

The result of good branding (with a quality product) is familiarity. With familiarity you are more likely to have repeat business. The consumer will more likely purchase the product again. This increases sales and enhances the overall visibility of the product.

In the end, branding a product is more than simply the name of the product. It becomes a promise. It is a pledge of quality. It begins to conjure up images of what the company stands for – both good and bad. In the end, the branding is all about perception.

Branding and Sneakers

Brand name sneakers are a common selling point in today’s marketplace. It has been an important factor since Concord and Chuck Taylor combined their skill to create the converse high top sneakers in the 1920s and 1930s. Association of the different brands with specific events and people has continued to build the brand image for sneaker companies across the country and around the world.

In 1972, the top three members of the United States Olympic team – all runners wore Adidas while the top seven finishers in the trial races sported Nikes. These links with the famous has moved from athletes to celebrities of all stripes. If you are a rapper, you may be wearing Radii sneakers. In fact, brand name sneakers whether they are Adidas, Nike, Radii, Puma, And1, New Balance or any of the many brands that proliferate in the market, seek out names to help them create an image.

Why Buy Brand Name Sneakers?

Brand name sneakers are a given. They uphold the reputation of their company. They are a promise of quality. Sometimes, in spite of the expense, they are the best guarantee of good value.