Brain Injury Help from a Lawyer in Braintree MA

Each day, over 100 people die from brain injuries, making it important to recognize the signs of such an emergency. Knowing how to protect a brain injury victim’s legal rights can be difficult, but the information below on the symptoms and causes of brain injuries can be beneficial.

Brain Injury Causes

Most symptoms manifest themselves right after the injury takes place. These injuries are caused by impacts that affect brain function, such as sharp blows to the head. Injury can also be caused by penetration of the skull by an object such as a bullet. Common causes include:

  • Car crashes
  • Sports injuries
  • Falls
  • Violent impacts
  • Explosions
  • Medical negligence
  • Workplace injuries

Symptoms of Brain Injury

The signs of a brain injury could include drowsiness, numbness, headache, weakness in the extremities and loss of vision. If a person has been hit in the head and is slurring their speech, is vomiting or is losing consciousness, seek immediate medical attention.


Physicians use different methods to determine the likelihood of a brain injury, including the Glasgow Coma Scale Test, MRI and CT scans, and questioning witnesses about the victim’s condition. Treatments range from OTC pain medicines and rest to surgery and anti-seizure medicines. Severe brain injuries may require the victim to undergo rehabilitation in order to regain function.

The Cost of Treatment

The costs of treatment, rehabilitation and therapy after a brain injury can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. If a person’s brain injury was caused by another person, the victim might hire The Law Offices of Graham N. Wright and they may be eligible for compensation under the doctrines of negligence, product liability or medical malpractice. Victims who hire a Lawyer in Braintree MA may be able to recover for lost wages, medical bills and diminished quality of life.

If someone believes they have a brain injury or have been so diagnosed, they should seek help from a Lawyer in Braintree MA. An attorney can help victims negotiate with insurance companies, file worker’s compensation claims, and inform them of any other legal rights they may have. Victims should not delay, as most states impose a statute of limitations on personal injury lawsuits. Visit website to get more information.

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