Boston Stays Healthy With Vitamin C

Vitamins aren’t the types of things that benefit from upgrades. Now and again, an upgrade comes along that’s not to be missed: vitamin C, for instance. Here’s a brief intro to this supplement and a few reasons why it’s becoming one of the most popular vitamins in Boston and elsewhere.

Vitamin C Powerful Recipe

Ascorbic acid, vitamin C in its original form, is the standard version available over the counter. It’s rather acidic and can be harsh on your stomach even if taken with food.

Vitamin C consists of ascorbic acid bonded with different minerals, or ascorbates. Each ascorbate has its own unique properties and benefits, supplying your body with vitamin C and the mineral it’s bonded with. Some of the ascorbates, such as calcium ascorbate and magnesium ascorbate, are natural buffers.

The buffers make vitamin C in Boston MA less acidic than ascorbic acid, easier on the stomach and even safe to take with meals or between meals.

Ester Makes Vitamin C Flexible

Vitamin C contains an ester called ascorbyl palmitate. An ester is an organic compound with its hydrogen replaced. In this case, ascrobyl palmitate is an ester of ascorbic acid and palm oil, which makes this form of vitamin C fat soluble.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is water soluble. The esterified version is both water soluble and fat soluble, so your body can absorb it when consumed with water-based calories or with fat-based calories.

Enzymes and Antioxidants for an Extra Kick

On top of its eight different types of vitamin C it often also contains enzymes and antioxidants like quercetin and green tea. Strong anecdotal evidence supports the possibility that enzymes and antioxidants promote health and vitality throughout the body, from your joints to your immune system. Antioxidants may also protect your body’s cells from free radical-related damage.

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