Boost Appearance And Corrosion Resistance With Zinc Nickel Electroplating

In all industries, but particularly in the automotive industry, zinc nickel electroplating is the go-to metal finishing option for small and large parts and components. This finishing option provides the smooth, even, bright surface required for most exposed parts also provides superior corrosion resistance in parts that may or may not be visible.

This is not a finish that is going to be impacted by heat and thermal shock. Even under a temperature of two hundred and fifty degrees for up to twenty-four hours and then thermal shock treatments, the finish will remain and provide the required surface protection.

As a general guideline, parts that go through zinc nickel electroplating will not show any signs of white rust for a 240 to 360 hours of exposure to salt spray, and red rust will not be evident until 1000 plus hours of exposure.

Export Considerations

With the use of this electroplating method, parts and components can then be passivated using a clear or black trivalent process. This will be fully RoHS compliant, allowing exports into any countries using those standards. This includes the United Kingdom, Asia, Sweden, Ireland and all parts of the European Union.

It may also be required for sales in specific states in the United States. This is most commonly an issue for sales in California, but it’s generally considered to be a factor that will be more in play in the future.

The Benefits

With a quality, experienced and expert metal finishing company any business can expect the zinc nickel electroplating to meet all specified standards. Through careful development of the electroplating process, the even distribution of 12 to 15% nickel can be achieved on the surface of the component. The process can be controlled and tight tolerance maintained based on the specific needs of the customer.

This even distribution will include small and confined types of spaces. The distribution of the plating will be completely uniform and treated parts will be blister free. This provides an effective layer or corrosion resistance not just immediately after the process but through the life of the part.

Another benefit to electroplating using zinc nickel is the ability to combine the needs for plating on bondable metal to rubber applications. In the automotive industry this is a common issue, and it resolves many of the issues that are problematic with other types of metal finishing processes.

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