Biggest Benefits of a Modular Home

Modular homes have had an interesting and dynamic life ever since their inception. While in the beginning, they were considered the poor man’s option for housing, and a barely reliable one even by those standards, that mindset has firmly changed in recent years. But in what specific ways has this changed? What benefits do modular homes offer homebuyers that many feel they just can’t get anywhere else? If you are looking for custom modular homes for sale in Atlantic County, and wondering this yourself, read on for a brief look at the many benefits of modular homes.

#1. Speed

If there’s any benefit at all, it is unquestionably the speed in which these homes are built. The main reason that on-site construction takes so long is that mother nature cares not for the plans of any mere mortal, so rain, snow, high winds, and any other severe weather native to the area that the construction is taking place in tends to get in the way of said construction. Modular homes do not have this problem, as they are built indoors, in a specifically designed factory, with workers building it around the clock in shifts. Therefor what would otherwise have taken several months is reduced to a few weeks at most. And for people expecting to move rather soon and would like their house built very quickly, this is a huge selling point.

#2. More consistent quality

What this means is that while most modular homes are on about equal footing with most on-site (or “stick built”) homes these days, there’s more consistent quality in each individual piece of the puzzle. Because the whole building is made in a factory, this, of course, means that each piece is assembled on a conveyer belt. And like most things made via conveyer belt, this leads to an increase in quality control and quality of the overall product.

#3. Cheaper

On average, modular home prices sit at around 15% less than houses built on site, with that price gaps only widening depending on the location you want for the house, and the distance from the nearest manufacturing center. This is because the modular home you bought is being built alongside many other houses for many different clients at the same time, by the same company, at much faster speeds. Those three factors are part of what makes normal houses so expensive to build. Lower or outright remove them and the price drops considerably.

If the above information has sold you on a modular home, there’s no one better for the job than Zarrilli Home LLC.

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