Bicycle Parts in Temecula to Carry on Bicycle Tours

Taking long distance rides or touring on a bicycle can take its toll on both you and the bicycle. While you can replenish your energy with food and rest, you will need to have some spare parts on hand to make any necessary repairs to your bike. If you plan on taking a bike tour, you should take these parts with you.

Tire Pump

An attached tire pump is always good to have with you, whether you’re riding long distance or just to the store and back. Many gas stations now charge for air, but if you have a pump, you can air your tire up as needed. A good bike store selling custom bicycles in Charleston, SC should have several tire pump models for sale.

Patch Kit and Tire Tubes

If you have a blowout or puncture a tire, having a patch kit and tire tubes with you will save the day and your trip. You can quickly change the tube or patch a hole in it, air it up, and be on your way quickly. You may not need these bicycle parts from Bilda Bike Shop on short bike rides, but always carry them on long distance trips.

Tool Kit

If you have a problem while riding your bicycle, you may need to take off the tire, which will require tools. A bike tool kit usually consists of a wrench, an Allen key, a spoke wrench, screwdrivers and a chain tool. When you go shopping for bicycle parts, look where the store keeps their bicycle accessories as you can usually find toolkits among them.

Although there are other bicycle parts you may want to carry when touring on a bicycle, these basic items should allow you to get to the next bicycle shop to have more serious problems repaired.

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