Best Bars In Glendale

You’ve heard this song before. Your friends want to head out for the night, but no one can agree on where to go. It’s the same thing every time, and since no one can come to a consensus, you end up at the same dive bar with the jukebox that may or may not be working that night. But here’s an idea. Instead of going to the same old dive like every other weekend night, why not try one of the best bars in Glendale?

Low Key Piano Bar is a spot that everyone is sure to agree on. From dueling pianos jamming out requests and live music performed by the best talent around to special events and private parties, Low Key Piano Bar will become your new weekend hot spot. Once you have experienced the thunderous entertainment of dueling pianos, you’ll never look at a jukebox the same ever again.

With a long tradition of excellence featuring local performers, Low Key Piano Bar is one of the best bars in Glendale. Low Key strives to make every night memorable. Order one of our handcrafted cocktails and a bite to eat from our curated menu and enjoy a full night of entertainment. A fully interactive experience, guests are encouraged to join in the fun and sing along. Whether you want to set up your next night out with the gang or you want to throw a private party that your guests will never forget, contact Low Key Piano Bar today at 480-355-1705.

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