Benefits Offered by Laser Vision Correction in Fountain CO

Laser Vision Correction in Fountain CO offers a number of benefits for the typical eyeglass wearer. If a person has been wearing glasses or contacts for a long period of time, then they can likely experience quite a few of the benefits highlighted here. Prior to undergoing this procedure, be sure to be fully educated.

Improved Vision

The most obvious benefit offered by Laser Vision Correction in Fountain CO area is the improved vision a person will achieve. In fact, studies have proven that approximately 95 percent of patients who receive this procedure achieved an uncorrected visual acuity of, at the very least, 20/40 and 85 percent of patients actually achieved 20/20 vision. This outpatient procedure offers significant vision enhancement.

Long-Lasting Results

After a stabilization period for the eye to adjust, which lasts approximately three months, the results of the laser eye surgery are permanent. This is one of the few procedures that requires no type of follow-up with a physician, unless it results in under or over corrected vision. The improved eyesight the patient receives will last, besides the normal loss due to illness or aging.

Fast Results and Fast Recovery

Once the procedure is complete, the patient will not be able to drive; however, most ophthalmologists estimate that the majority of patients receiving this treatment will be able to return to their day to day activities the day after the surgery. The exception to this is if the person works in an exceptionally dusty or dirty work environment.

Get Rid of Contacts

Each year patients waste as much as 450 dollars on contact. While this surgery costs several times that amount, it is a one-time fee. Once the procedure is done, it is a cost the patient will never incur again. The long term savings are significant.

Laser Vision Correction offers patients with less than perfect vision the opportunity to get rid of glasses and contacts for good. The results are fast and the procedure is handled in an outpatient setting. Those who are interested in this procedure should talk with their eye doctor who can help begin the steps to help a person have near perfect vision without glasses.

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