Benefits of Window Replacement in Westchester County NY

Window replacement is an important upgrade to your house. A window not only allows the sun to light up your room, but also enhances comfort. They play a major role of maintaining cool air during the summer, and locks in warm air during the winter, keeping the house warm. They also provide security against unwanted intrusion and vandalism. Windows likewise enhance the general appearance of your home. If your windows become shabby due to age, you should consider replacing them. Below are the benefits of investing in Window Replacement in Westchester County NY.

Energy savings: It is probably the top reason for window replacement. Shabby windows can wreak havoc on your electricity and heating bills. Old drafty windows are single paned, and they lack tints. They let in hot air during the summer as well as allowing ambient heat to escape during the cold seasons. Replacing older windows with the new efficient models will substantially lower your energy usage and in turn, reduce your monthly power bills. As a bonus, tinted windows will block harmful sun rays and offer more privacy to your house.

Reduced maintenance needs: It is important to replace your windows frames. Today product’s have better ability to hold up than older ones. Aluminum frames are less susceptible to wear and tear than their wooden counterparts. Aluminum also has anodized finishes that make it scratch resistance as well. Other materials like fiberglass and vinyl frames offer greater thermal resistance and durability.

Increase in home value: Window replacement is a good investment to undertake. It increases the general outlook of your home and increases the value. These days, you have the freedom to choose from different window frame styles that will enhance the overall look of your home. The energy efficiency bonus will also increase your home resale value.

Greater security: Older windows are less secure, and they stand a soft target for burglars to get through. To counter this, advancement in technology has made it possible to replace them with strong and heavy frames to deter intruders.

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