Benefits Of Using The NCOALink Service

It is no doubt that Americans move around a lot and when they do, they rarely think to put in a change of address (COA). Even when they do put in a COA, some of the companies that regularly send them mailers and catalogs may not have access to that information. The United States Postal Service is not required to notify every single business about a COA for an individual or family. The NCOALink Service can help with this in many ways.

COA Forms

Even though Americans move around frequently, they still want to get their mail, for the most part. This means that they will fill out a COA form with the USPS so that their mail is forwarded on to their new address. This allows any company with the NCOA software to look up those forms and find out which of their customers have moved and to where. They can then continue to send brochures and other mailings.

While it would be easier if people contacted the company in question to tell them of the move, this rarely happens. People are dealing with the stresses of moving and aren’t thinking about making the company’s life easier.

No COA Form

There are some people that would prefer not to receive their incoming mail after moving to a new address. Many people dislike bulk mailings, such as brochures and catalogs. Even if they requested them previously, they may still not want them. Others are trying to hide from bill collectors. No matter what their reason, they move without a forwarding address so that individual companies can’t find them. While this rarely works for long, it can put a snag in your business.

With the NCOALink service software, you will be able to tell immediately that those people have moved without a forwarding address. You won’t be able to find them with the software, but you can try using other means.

Records That Don’t Match

If you send mail out regularly to customers and potential customers, you need to have accurate records that match. Even putting “to current resident” may not be the best way to go, as most people don’t even open those items. However, if you have 123 Normal Avenue, but the USPS has the address as 123 Normal Ave., it may cause problems. The USPS prefers that mail be addressed properly, and there is software available that helps you do this.

The NCOALink service offers many benefits that can help growing or well-established companies thrive. Visit website of Anchor Computer Software to learn more about this and other services and products offered.

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