Benefits of Using Mediation Lawyers in Bellevue

For a divorce to become final, a judge must sign a decree. However, there are ways to resolve disputes involved during the process of a divorce without going to court. Mediation lawyers in Bellevue work to resolve conflict and serve their client’s best interests. Experienced family law attorneys shed light on the benefits of mediation below.

Time Saver

It can take weeks or even months for a judge to get involved in a contested divorce case unless it is an extreme emergency. Therefore, mediation can be scheduled at a convenient time for the spouses involved, rather than waiting on the court.

Save Money

When a divorce attorney must prepare for a court appearance, it can be a time-consuming process resulting in additional money from the client. Not only that, the client must take time off from work to appear in court. A mediation that is successful will eliminate the need for a contested court hearing. This not only results in fewer attorney fees but also less lost wages or opportunities at the client’s place of employment.


Since hearings and trials in court are open to the public, they are not private. Another benefit to hiring mediation lawyers in Bellevue is that the sessions remain confidential. This allows the spouses that are involved in the divorce to keep their privacy not only during the decision-making process but also as to the specifics of the final agreement that they came to. This is not only beneficial to the couple involved but their children and other family members as well.

Peaceful Resolution

Mediation is a tool that allows couples facing divorce to settle their issues quickly and move forward with their lives. For it to be effective, each party will have to commit to solving problems and not use the process as a way to act on feelings of sadness and disappointment.

Tamblyn Law INC, understands that all situations are different. When the circumstances are right, they will encourage mediation. They will be able to discuss all the options along with the benefits and drawbacks that apply in the situation being faced. Skilled family law attorneys want to empower their clients to make informed decisions and move smoothly through the divorce process.

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