Benefits of Using a Reusable Filtered Mask Respirator in New York or L.A

There are all kinds of respirators and masks in use right now. However, the latest in mask technology is filtered, reusable, and washable. This trifecta of features provides a multitude of benefits, all of which you will find work for you regardless of how you use this mask or why you need this filter mask respirator.

Nothing Gets Past the Replaceable Filters

This mask has a built-in slot for filters. The filters can be removed and replaced at any time, which means that your breathing air is filtered free of contagions and harmful vapors and stays free of such things with the replacement of a filter. Each mask comes with ten filters to start, providing you with some sense of personal security.

Most of the Filter Mask Respirators Are Made of Hard Plastic

While hard plastic does not sound comfortable, you should know that each mask has a soft cushion on the face side of the mask. Because it is hard plastic, it can be sanitized in a dishwasher, cleaned with rubbing alcohol, and/or treated with UV light. These disinfecting processes can be done repeatedly as needed to keep you safe.

Mask Straps Are Adjustable

The mask uses detachable straps that adjust to fit each individual wearer. The straps attach to four areas on the front of the mask near the filtration vent. Ask your representative to show you how.

Where to Get One

If you are interested in buying one of these Face Mask Respirator, contact Ditto Masks at

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