Benefits of the Eurotherm 3504 Temperature Controller

The Eurotherm 3504 is a temperature controller with high accuracy, which is excellent for improving product quality and process efficiency in addition to minimizing waste. This instrument features application versatility and an interface that is clear and user friendly.

Precise Control

The device controls temperatures according to input that it receives from a temperature sensor like a RTD or thermocouple. It then provides the output to a control element, maintaining or acquiring a specific set point or temperature.

The Eurotherm 3504 features a highly precise PID algorithm, which is embedded into the control strategy. It also feature incredibly accurate output and input. Precision PID control is better than the basic PID control solutions. While a basic PID will save you some money, you will be sacrificing consistent accuracy and control.

The built-in algorithm works to accurately control temperature and achieve set points with very little overshoot. Therefore, process variables are able to stabilize considerably faster. The cutback algorithm prevents overshoot and you can use the auto-tune feature to automatically set the best parameters for the PID control loops specific to your application.

The Eurotherm 3504 offers significantly more temperature control than other models. This instrument comes complete with advanced options and features, making it possible to even control small machines. With the flexible power options, you will be able to control a wide variety of processes, such as additive dosing, flow, humidity, level, pressure, potential, viscosity, temperature and much more. When you consider the recipe selection, timer functions, set point programmers, specialist function blocks and flexible communication options, it is easy to see the reason this device is a valuable element of the entire process solution.

While it is possible to begin using the Eurotherm 3504 as soon as you take it out of the box, you will be able to obtain access to the more advanced features when you use a PC-based graphical configuration tool that will allow you to choose function blocks and connect them with soft wiring.

The Eurotherm 3504 advanced multi-loop PID controller is the number one solution for a number of different applications, such as autoclaves, melt pressure, reactors and fermenters, environmental chambers, heat treatment, semi-conductors and process applications. There are so many situations where precise control is critical, which is the reason that this type of instrument is so incredibly valuable. When you cannot afford the risk, you need the Eurotherm 3504.

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