Benefits of Seeing an Orthodontist in Midlothian VA to Explore Dental Braces Options

Older children and adults who have misaligned or crooked teeth are often more hesitant to make the decision to have braces. Many times, they are concerned with how the braces will affect their interactions with other people. Whether they are worried about social or professional interactions, they may be concerned others will view them differently if their teeth are covered with metal braces. Fortunately, an orthodontist in Midlothian VA can offer these patients some alternative types of braces, which can help them in reducing this type of issue.

One option a patient may want to consider is using braces made of porcelain composite. These types of dental braces can be a good choice because they can be made in various colors. A patient can choose to have their braces made in a color to match the color of their teeth or even choose a clear color instead. The brackets, wires and bands will all be made of this color and this can make the dental braces much less noticeable to others.

Another choice that can limit the effect braces will have on a patient’s appearance is to have braces installed on the underside of the teeth. This will make seeing the braces much more difficult and can be a great option for many people. Because the braces are not on the front of the teeth, the lips and cheeks will often not have the slight protrusion often seen with traditional braces. While having braces next to a person’s tongue can be a slight adjustment, the benefits it brings will often make it a worthwhile choice.

Many people who must give presentations or have pictures taken may prefer to see an orthodontist in Midlothian VA about dental aligners rather than braces. An aligner can be beneficial to this type of patient because it can be removed completely for certain types of occasions. Aligners are plastic trays, which are custom designed to fit on a patient’s teeth. They are clear and virtually invisible when they are in place. The aligners are designed to slowly reshape the patient’s teeth into better alignment. This is done using a series of trays designed to make small changes.

For many people having crooked or misaligned teeth can affect their appearance. While braces can be unsightly, there are alternatives to traditional braces, which can be used to help in correcting their dental issues.

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