Benefits of Regular Maintenance of an HVAC in Carlsbad

Making sure an HVAC in Carlsbad is in well maintained before the start of summer can be an important choice for a homeowner. Many times if a person puts off maintenance work on their unit, it can break down unexpectedly during the summer season. This can be very unpleasant for the members of a household and the homeowner as well.

When a technician first begins inspection on an HVAC Carlsbad they will need to spend some time, working on the unit kept inside of the home in the attic or crawlspace. This unit contains the blower, which disburses the cooled air into the ventilation system of the home. This unit can become quite dirty and this can cause the unit to run ineffectively and inefficiently as well. Because of this, it should be vacuumed and a wire brush may be needed to clean out dirt from vents or grilles on the unit.
The air filter for the system is usually attached to the blower and it must be inspected and replaced as well. The air filter can play a huge role in how efficiently and effectively the system is able to cool the home. Making sure it is clean throughout the season can be a good way to prolong the life of the system and help in keeping energy usage down as well.

It is also important to inspect the motor and fan on the system. The motor should be inspected to make sure the connections and electrical wires it uses are secure and do not show signs of damage. This can help in preventing a fire or other type of electrical emergency from occurring.

Attached to the motor is a fan belt, which moves the fan on the system. The fan actually moves the air in the unit. Both the fan and fan belt can become damaged quite easily. When this occurs, the units should be replaced. The unit outside of the home will need to be inspected and cleaned as well. The coils on the condenser can be cleaned using water and a coil cleaner. The fins on the unit may require cleaning with a dry brush.

By keeping a home’s HVAC system working at its best, many unexpected repair issues can be avoided. This can be a great benefit to the residents of the home. For more information, please Contact Stillman Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

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