Benefits of Lumineers in St Peter MN

Lumineers in St Peter MN are simply a thinner version of cosmetic veneers. A dental veneer is a thin and tooth-colored shell that covers the front portion of the teeth to help improve their appearance. They are under a millimeter thick, which, to put into perspective, is about the thickness of a credit card. The dental lumineers that are commonly used are only about .2 millimeters thick. Both options are completely translucent, which means see-through, and closely resemble the natural enamel on a tooth.

While Lumineers in St Peter MN look natural, they will also help a person restore their smile without having to alter any of the actual tooth structure. When veneers are applied to the teeth, the dentist will remove a small amount of the top layer off of the tooth. However, when Lumineers in St Peter MN are applied, the dentist will only minimize the tooth a small amount and in some cases won’t have to reduce them at all. What this means is that having Lumineers applied is a procedure that is much less invasive than veneers, which also does not cause issues with sensitivity or discomfort, all while being just as durable.

Lumineers are an ideal option if a person’s front teeth are just slightly misaligned, but they don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of braces. In many cases, Lumineers will help a person’s teeth look whiter and more uniform. Lumineers can also be used for closing gaps and fixing teeth that are irregularly shaped, chipped or broken. While having veneers is not a process that is reversible, since the teeth have to be altered slightly, Lumineers in St Peter MN can be altered or removed down the road if a person desires.

More information about Lumineers, as well as other cosmetic procedures can be found by contacting a quality cosmetic dentist. Taking the time to find the right person to provide this procedure will help correct a smile and even improve a person’s self-confidence. Taking the time to find a quality dentist and having Lumineers placed will pay off in the long run.

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