Benefits of Laser Marking and Engraving

Laser marking and engraving is a method used to label material using a laser beam. In the past, the choice for marking products or materials was traditional engraving or screen-printing. Traditional engraving and screen-printing are expensive, time-consuming, often damaged the part, and were not permanent.

All of this has changed with the introduction of laser marking. The process is similar to other applications using a laser. The beam is focused; it produces an easy to read mark and requires no tools or ink.

Laser marking helps a business keep track of its components and products, improves quality and takes little time to produce a mark that cannot be erased.

Clean and Ecologically Friendly

Chemical etching or inkjet marking use chemicals, not only are the chemicals an added cost; they are not eco-friendly. Laser marking does not use any material at all. This method of marking is clean, uses no consumables, and is energy efficient.

Federal Compliance

Many federal agencies require that traceability, quality, and safety standards are adhered to. Aircraft manufacturers, for example, must be able to determine where a part was produced and when in the event of component failure. The FAA directs the manufacturers of components and assemblies what markings must be put and where to put it.

Effective Deterrent to Counterfeiting

The FDA, Food and Drug Administration, requires marking on medical devices, packaging, and labels. Counterfeiting has long been the bane of the pharmaceutical industry. This practice is illegal; it also has serious health and social implications. It is believed that a full 10 percent of the sale of pharmaceuticals worldwide is counterfeit; the implications for health and financial loss are easy to see.

Laser marking and engraving prevents the need for ink or acid etching. A laser is used to mark the product with an easy to read mark that does not damage the product. Visit Blazer Tech for more info.

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