Benefits Of Having A Guard Dog

If you are looking for a way to make your home safer, then you should consider getting a guard dog. Dogs are not only loyal companions, but they can also deter burglars. There are several reasons that you should consider getting a German Shepherd guard dog for your home.

Friendly, Gentle Dogs

A good guard dog will be wary of strangers, but they will be friendly to you. A guard dog is trained to recognize threats and will act aggressively if there is a threat. They have also been desensitized to loud noises.

Secure Your Home When You are Away

Burglars will often target homes when they know that the person has been away for awhile. Your guard dog will know when an intruder is near your home. They will keep barking until the burglar is gone. The burglar will know that they cannot get away with stealing anything.

Secure Your Home When You are at Home

Your dog will not only keep you safe while you are away, but they can also protect you while you are at home. Guard dogs act as an alarm system. They will not only alert you, but they will also alert the other dogs.

Proper Obedience Training

Guard dogs have been trained to be obedient. You will not only have a good guard dog, but you will also have a dog that will listen. Your dog will have great manners.

Wider Range of Protection

A guard dog may offer you better protection than a home security system. A security system will only go off once the person has entered a certain area. However, a guard dog can detect a stranger from a further distance.

If you want to get a German Shepherd guard dog, then you will need to contact Police K9.

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