Benefits of Getting Invisible braces in Richmond, VA

Correct positioning of the teeth while showing off an attractive smile is now possible with the use of invisible braces. Many people want to improve the appearance of their smile but using classic braces have made them give up this idea. Orthodontists specialize in the placement of invisible orthodontic brackets because they do not believe in hiding the smile. With invisible braces, a person can perform the same activities as before without any complications and, most importantly, smile naturally without anyone noticing that they use brackets.

Invisible braces are the type of orthodontic treatment where invisible brackets are placed on the teeth to correct any malformations. This type of brace has the same objectives as conventional orthodontics, improving the function and aesthetics of the patient’s teeth.

Benefits of Invisible Braces

1. The main benefit of lingual orthodontic brackets is that they will not be felt during treatment. You smile with comfort and ease, no one noticing that you are wearing braces.

2. The mouth will not bulge. Conventional braces are metallic or ceramic, which make lips slightly bulge. Invisible braces do not make the mouth bulge a bit.

3. You can make your teeth whiter. Enjoy a radiant white smile while you correct the position of your teeth.

4. It does not interrupt your activities. If you plan on getting married, starting college, playing contact sports or take on a new profession, invisible braces are for you. The treatment will not interfere with any work and / or social activities.

5. Invisible braces are less expensive. Sometimes they are up to 60% more economical than other types of orthodontic braces.

6. You can treat all cases of dental malocclusion, including some cases that are resolved more effectively with invisible braces.

7. The treatment is not painful. By using thermal scanners and self-ligating braces, biological movements are painless and therefore faster than conventional orthodontics.

8. The teeth are not damaged. The enamel (first layer of the teeth) is likely to undergo a change of color or maybe scratching when removing brackets, which will not occur with invisible braces.

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