Benefits Of Garden Ponds In Silverdale WA

According to landscape architects, one of the most popular features in a residential landscape is a garden pond. A small water feature adds variety and interest to an ordinary back yard, but it can also provide many environmental benefits. The following are some of the top advantages of Garden ponds in Silverdale WA.

Ponds Conserve Water

Watering a lawn consumes a great deal of water, often more than 1000 gallons a month. A pond takes the place of grass that needs watering, and it also stores water that can be put to later use. After the pond is filled up for the first time, it can be topped up with rain water. Pipes can also be run from the gutter spouts to carry extra water. In addition, pond water can be used for watering other plants in a dry season.

Ponds Protect Wildlife

A pond can serve as a habitat or water source for many different kinds of wildlife. Even very small bodies of water can support a variety of birds and amphibians. Dragonflies and frogs will use the water as a breeding place, while birds use the water for drinking. Many people also opt to stock their ponds with ornamental fish, like goldfish and koi.

Ponds Decrease Pollution

One way that ponds decrease pollution is by lessening the amount of grass that needs mowing. Lawn mowers use gasoline and emit a great deal of pollution into the air when in use. In addition, many people use pesticides and fertilizers to make their lawns green, but these chemicals can be harmful to people and the environment. Thus, replacing any portion of a lawn with water is a plus for air and water quality.

Ponds Are Good For Plant Life

Garden ponds in Silverdale WA can also nurture plants that provide food for humans and animals. Many pond owners add floating plants on top of the water. Plants like water lilies and floating hearts provide a food source for fish, amphibians, and dragonflies. Plants that grow along the shore also provide protection for creatures that live in the water. Garden ponds keep plants healthy while plants improve the look and the condition of the water feature.

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