Benefits of Fertilizing Your Grass

Having a beautiful and healthy lawn is a great asset to any homeowner because it can actually increase your property value. Maintaining your lawn is important if you want it to look its best and fertilizing is a big part of that maintenance. Here are a few benefits to grass Fertilizer in Ocean County NJ.

Weed Elimination

When visiting any home improvement themed store, you will undoubtedly find a huge section dedicated to the eradication of weeds from home lawns. A little known fact is that a healthy and plush lawn is practically resistant to the growth of weeds. If a weed problem persists, a very specific form of weed killing may need to be done to rid your lawn of these pesky plants. Be sure to contact a knowledgeable lawn professional to determine what course of action you should take to rid your lawn of weeds.

New Sod

Many homeowners will spend a great deal of money on quality sod to make their lawn look as green as possible. There are many different varieties of sod to choose from in order to meet the needs of your home. If you don’t properly maintain the new sod, you will see it lose its luster very rapidly. A major part of that proper maintenance of your sod is fertilizing the lawn to prevent weeds from growing into it. The first layer of fertilizer is to be laid down before the sod, to ensure the new sod has a nutrient rich environment to grow its roots. After approximately a month, you should lay a new layer of sod to keep the new grass looking healthy and thick.

Less Mess

If you notice puddles and mud pits, even after a small patchy rain, then you may want to think about laying some fertilizer. The fertilizer helps in strengthening the roots of your grass which, in turn, allows it to absorb much more water. The heightened absorption of your grass will rid your yard of flooding and mud puddles after a rainstorm.

When looking for a professional to lay the fertilizer, be sure to check references because many horror stories exist of less than reputable lawn companies stealing money from hard working homeowners.