Benefits of Excavator Mounted Rock Drilling Equipment

If your outdoor project requires specialized rock drilling equipment, you want some of the most dependable machines you can buy. However, it is often difficult to get heavy machinery into areas with steep or difficult to navigate the terrain. That is why you might want to consider the benefits of an excavator mounted drill. Here are some important advantages they have to offer.

What is an Excavator Drill?

Excavator drills are custom attachments made to fit your excavator equipment. They are some of the most convenient rock drilling equipment you can own. The best attachments are custom-made, and you can interchange drifters when needed. This gives you the benefits of more than one drilling application.
A custom-manufactured excavator drill is designed to perfectly fit the make and model you own. You can mount them in the front, rear, or side of the machine. This gives you maximum efficiency and lets you use your drill in a wide range of situations.


If you buy a complete drill rig, it has basically one purpose. Your rock drilling equipment may do a fine job, but you can’t use it for any other purposes. However, when you buy a custom-made excavator drill you can turn your excavator into a drill, when needed, and then back to an excavator with minimal effort.

Do you need to work in areas where the ground is steep or hilly? Maybe you’re building fences? Standard drill machines may not be easy to maneuver, and you could have a hard time getting them into isolated areas. In fact, you may need to air lift equipment. However, your excavator drill can go anywhere a track driven machine can travel. It is a versatile piece of equipment, and when you choose a company with a proven reputation in the rock drill industry, you can depend on them for the best equipment and service.

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