Benefits of Cremation Services in Prairie Village, KS

Cremation has been growing in popularity as a burial option in recent years, and with good reason. Read on to find out about the benefits of Cremation Services in Prairie Village, KS over traditional burial to find out why.

Financial Benefits

Cremation is much less expensive than a traditional burial. There’s no need for a full-sized burial plot and a costly casket and loved ones can purchase beautiful urns for just a few hundred dollars. The cost of traditional burial varies, but it’s often two to four times higher than the cost of Cremation Services in Prairie Village, KS.

Flexible Options

Family members can still plan traditional funerals and combine them with cremation services. They can also opt for direct cremation and plan memorials for a time that’s more convenient for those traveling from afar. Since there’s no rush, they’ll have more time to plan, and more people will be able to attend the memorial.

Endless Memorial Options

There are many ways to memorialize a loved one who has passed on and been cremated. Those who don’t want to have their family members buried or permanently inurned can spread their ashes in one of their favorite places, have them transformed into jewelry, or even have them launched into space so that their loved ones can commune with the stars.

Environmental Friendliness

There’s no better way to respect the wishes of a deceased loved one who was passionate about the environment than to have him or her cremated. Since there’s no need for embalming chemicals, cremation is a much more environmentally friendly option. Instead of polluting the earth, the deceased’s remains will nourish the soil and support the ecosystem.

No Cemetery Plot

There’s no need to buy a cemetery plot. Families can scatter their loved ones’ ashes, keep their remains at home, or look into having them turned into jewelry or other objects intended to be kept by those left behind as reminders of their time together.

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