Benefits Of Choosing An Agency For Home Nursing Care Services In Miami, FL

Once you have decided that home nursing care services in Miami, FL are right for your elderly loved one, it is time to consider whether you want an agency or an individual. While most people think that individuals are the best choice, they could be wrong. You should be aware that there are many advantages to considering an agency instead of a single person.


If you were to hire someone directly, you and the rest of your family would take on all responsibilities as an employer. That means you would be responsible for workers’ compensation, insurance payroll taxes, and benefits for the individual and liability in case they are injured on the job. You would be legally responsible for that person while they are taking care of your loved one and may even be responsible for them as they are traveling to and from the house. If you hire an agency, they are responsible for all of the above. All you do is pay a fee each month to use their service.

Peace of Mind

Agencies are well-known for providing a screening of each employee, complete with a background check. Unless you are willing to pay out of pocket for a background check on an individual, you won’t know who is showing up at your door. Agencies are required to conduct thorough checks, so you know you’re getting someone of quality.


Finding out information about an individual can be difficult. They may say they have formal training, but it is up to you to check it. If you use an agency, they will ensure that the nurse is trained properly and can take care of any situation that arises. They also have the resources and licensure to make sure that employees are trained in all areas, including emergency preparation, fall prevention and more.

Contingency and Security

If someone were to steal from you or harm your loved one, you are still liable if you go it alone. If you consider an agency for home nursing care services in Miami, FL, they are responsible for the person they hire. If they were to cause damage to the house, your loved one or steal money/possessions, you would have options and also have the law on your side so that an investigation can occur swiftly.

Home nursing care services in Miami, FL could allow your elderly family member to stay in their house and receive the help they require. Visit ALC Home Health today to learn more.

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