Benefits of Calling a Professional for Fall Trimming in Broomfield, CO

There are all sorts of different landscaping tasks that need to be taken care of in the fall. These include aerating the lawn, adding fertilizer, mowing the lawn for a final time, collecting any dead leaves, planting new shrubs, cutting back and trimming plants and shrubs, mulching and winterizing any irrigation system present. All of this can take quite some time, so it’s best to hire a professional Fall Trimming Broomfield CO company to help.

Importance of Trimming

Plants will be healthier in the spring if they’re taken care of properly in the fall. This includes cutting back any perennials down to the ground, so the energy will be concentrated in the roots for the next season rather than being wasted on the dying upper portion of the plant. Dead branches on trees need to be trimmed, so the snow and the wind in the winter won’t cause them to crack and fall, potentially damaging property or injuring individuals that happen to be nearby.

Improper Pruning Can Cause Major Damage

The main reason to hire a professional Fall Trimming in Broomfield CO company is to limit the risk of common pruning mistakes that could serious damage the bushes and shrubs on the property. It’s important not to cut too many of the branches that are lower down to the ground, as these are important for producing food for the bush. It’s also best to avoid removing any more than necessary or removing so much of the big limbs that there are just stubs left that can then rot and cause the main trunk of the tree or bush to rot as well. People are better off not pruning their bushes, shrubs, and trees than doing it the wrong way, as this can cause the plant to become deformed or weak.

Getting the Best Effect

A landscaping professional knows how to judiciously prune plants to train them to grow the way that is desired without harming the plant’s health or it’s production of foliage or flowers.

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