Before You Check Out Local Plumbers Near Covington

Are you having problems with the drains or faucets in your home? It could be an “easy to fix” matter, or you might need to check out local plumbers near Covington. Here are some tips to help you know when it’s time to try a DIY project or call a professional for help.

Drain Problems

If the bathroom or kitchen drain is running slowly or not at all, check the other drains in the house. If the problem is confined to one drain only, you can sometimes clear it by removing the drain trap underneath the sink and cleaning it out. Many bathroom sinks get full of hair, and if you have kids in the home, all kinds of things can end up in the drain traps.

If all the drains in the home are having problems, you should contact one of your local plumbers near Covington. You could have a problem with the main drain system, and this can cause untreated sewage to back up into your home. A professional plumber can diagnose and fix your problem promptly.

Toilet Issues

No one wants to have toilet problems, but they sometimes happen. If your toilet is flushing by itself occasionally, take off the tank cover and look at the rubber flap. Flaps can become worn out, and they will no longer seal. Replacing a standard flap is a simple job that most people can do, and this may fix your problem.

If the toilet overflows and you can’t clear it with a plunger, you may need to call one of your local plumbers near Covington. Your plumbing pro can clear stopped toilets and fix other issues like leaking shut-off valves and wax gasket seals. If you don’t take care of toilet leaks promptly, you could be dealing with a rotted bathroom floor and some major repairs.

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