Bedminster Family Dentistry in Bridgewater, NJ

It’s important to practice quality dental health for the whole family. Whether regular and routine teeth cleanings or orthodontic services, Bedminster Family & Cosmetic Dentistry provides family dentistry in Bridgewater, NJ.

The best way to maintain dental health is to have routine yearly cleanings. Let’s remove plaque buildup on your teeth, prevent cavities, and leave you with a brighter smile! If cavities do you happen to the car, we offer mercury-free fillings to relieve the cavity pain.

We take most insurances and you can sign up your household for family dentistry services that go beyond routine cleanings in case something unforeseen comes up for your teeth. Do you services include cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and restorative dentistry.

The cosmetic dentistry we provide revitalizes your smile. We can give you snap-on guards that are customized to fit both rows your teeth. Over time, the uniquely customized snap-on guard will straighten out your teeth so that you become more confident about your smile.

If snap-on guards do not fit your needs, you can get braces to fix your teeth’s alignment with our orthodontic services. For restorative dentistry, you can receive implants, bridges, or dental crowns to fixed broken or damaged teeth.

Our facial rejuvenation services uses juvederm or Botox in order to reduce clenching and grinding of the teeth. Have a revitalized appearance while also reaping the benefits of better dental health with less clenching and grinding. If you have a TMJ disorder, facial rejuvenation helps to reduce the symptoms of that as well.

Bring the whole family to Bedminster Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Bridgewater, NJ today!

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