Bed Bug Control in Wellington

You hear more and more on the news about bed bugs making a come back. People the world over are traveling by airplane and it’s very easy to get to and from any exotic place in a day.

What a traveler doesn’t realize is that bed bugs travel right along with them in their suitcases. When a person unpacks his suitcase at the hotel, the bed bugs crawl out of the suitcase and the hotel soon has an epidemic of insects on their hands. Travelers are also sending presents and packages packed in cardboard boxes from every country. What they don’t realize is that an insect the size of an apple seed is hidden inside the box. It doesn’t take long for little ones to hatch. When they hatch, naturally they are going to look for a place to hide in base boards, mattresses and box springs, head boards of the bed and under cracks in your wall paper. Calling the Bed Bug Control Wellington residents call when they have a bed bug problem is something you need to do immediately.

Don’t put off calling a professional pest control company to come in and get rid of them. They are not poisonous but they do bite because they feed on the blood of humans and pets, so you may wake up to a line of bites on your body. Do not fear, though, because a Bug Zappers can eradicate them for you. It may take two times coming out to your home to fully get rid of them. If you have ants, termites, millipedes, roaches, bees, yellow jackets, or fleas, companies can also take care of them at the same time.

The companies dealing with bugs nowadays use products that won’t harm you or your family. They’ll ask that you take your children and pets out of the home until the product they use for the insects dries completely. If you see Africanized bees, hornets or wasps, you definitely don’t want to fool around with these types of insects on your own. These insects are mean, will sting you and may fly after you if you bother them. It’s best to call in technicians who have been trained to get them off your property. Call Flick Anticimex for help and stay safe.

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