Beautiful Teeth Through Cosmetic Dental Services in Basking Ridge NJ

If you are considering cosmetic dentistry, you should check the qualifications of the clinic, checking in advance what you are paying for. Guarantees of clinical, postoperative, and warranty care is paramount. Cosmetic Dental Services in Basking Ridge NJ can provide you with such assurances, in most cases. The only thing left for you to do is to find a reputable dentist to perform the procedure.

Here are some of the procedures cosmetic dentists perform in their clinic:

* Crowns

* The placement of crowns can dramatically improve your teeth, and your overall appearance. Patients often choose a complete overhaul of their teeth with these procedure. This treatment, despite its high cost, has become very popular in Europe. Cosmetic crowns allow to fully customize the shape and color of your teeth, resulting in a fantastic dentition, beautiful and natural.

* Whitening

Aging, consumption of coffee and tea, and smoking will make teeth dark or yellow. However, with the right treatment, your original teeth can be transformed back to the way they were. The result is a rejuvenated an appearance. This powerful method of dental care is designed to make teeth significantly whiter, making this one of dentistry’s most popular treatments.

* Veneers

* A veneer is a porcelain coating bonded to your teeth. This type of treatment has the advantage of changing the shape of a tooth that may have been damaged due to dental treatment or trauma. A cheaper method is the composite veneer. Dentists will apply a layer of filling material to the tooth. However, over time the composite will discolor and decompose. This is why you want to a dentist that selects the best materials, aiming for the best aesthetic result.

* Implants

* Have you have lost several teeth? If so, your dentist could possibly replace them with dental implants. These devices are comparable to tooth roots, and they have the shape of a bolt. The implant is placed in the jawbone, then the gum is sutured shut. After this is finished healing, the final crown can be placed on top of the implant. Most cosmetic dentists select only the best materials of the highest quality. The implants of today are made of high quality titanium, a lightweight metal without risk of rejection.

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