Be Responsible When Owning an Animal

People who own a pet should know that it is a big responsibility. In some ways, having a pet is like taking care of your child. An animal wants love, attention, to be cared for and so much more. When you choose to treat your pet with respect and care it will trust and be loyal to you.  That is why you should have your pet seen by an experienced veterinarian for treatments and regular examinations. You want to take your pet to an animal clinic that has values and experience with animals. A vet that can provide proper care and be compassionate and patient with your animal is one to select.

What to Expect When You Visit an Animal Clinic

Once you arrive at the animal clinic you will notice how clean and comfortable the waiting area is. The employees want you and your pet to feel at ease during your visit. An experienced staff member will ask for any medical history you might have on your pet. This can help the veterinarian be more informed on your pet’s health condition. If this is your first visit your pet will receive a complimentary exam. Your animal can receive pet vaccinations in Chicago during your first visit. The vet will also inform you of the wellness programs they offer for both cats and dogs. This type of plan can include 4 visits at a cost of $79.00 dollars per each visit. Your pet can also receive deworming medications along with a monthly flea and parasite prevention. In order for your pet to have healthy and fresh breath they need their teeth checked, as well.

   *  Dental Services Provided by an Animal Clinic Include the Following:
   *  Radiography
   *  Cleaning
   *  Oral Surgery
   *  Polishing
   *  Tooth Restoration or Extraction

You Need an Animal Clinic that Shows Compassion for the Animals They Take Care Of  

Everybody that has ever owned a pet knows that accidents occur. When this happens you can rely on an animal clinic and their staff to be there for you and your pet. Most are open Monday through Saturday, but they also have an emergency number you can call. The employees are experienced and educated and care about each animal that comes through their doors. Your pet will receive the best treatment possible by the veterinarian and the staff whether it is a regular checkup or a serious matter.

Portage Park Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic provides pet vaccinations in Chicago. Contact them through their website, email or call them for more information.

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