Be Part Of A Tradition And Have Hardwood Flooring In Tribeca New York

It matters not if you are a business owner, a homeowner or a resident in a condominium or cooperative located in the Tribeca area of Manhattan, your rooms are going to need floors. In most cases, this will need to be something that has a better visual appearance than the (concrete) subfloor put in when the building was constructed (and, in Tribeca, that might have been a long time ago). It has long been the practice to cover most sub-floors with some sort of floor covering.

The choice of floor covering will depend to some degree on the purpose to which the room is put – this applies equally to domestic and commercial rooms. Historically, it was a fairly common practice to use wooden materials for floor coverings.

In the late 18th century, Tribeca was predominately a residential area but 50 years later, it had changed into a predominately commercial center which encompassed the many stores and loft buildings that were constructed along Broadway between 1850 and 1860. However, times change and, by the 1960’s, industry had virtually disappeared from the area.

This gave a number of vacant commercial spaces which attracted many artists to the area. Tribeca reverted to being a residential area and has now become both artistic and up market in nature. People living there now show a tendency to want to both preserve some of the neighborhood’s history and to have premises fashionably furnished (whether residential or commercial- such as bars or restaurants).


All premises need floors and, in such a place as Tribeca, bare concrete floors are not going to be appreciated. Carpets, ceramic or stone tiles will always have a place but, for many, there is a desire to renovate or replicate the old fashioned wooden floor coverings.

Hardwood Flooring For Tribeca

Actually, hardwood is a botanical term for a particular group of trees whose wood may not be particularly hard. The soft modelling wood known as balsa is derived from a tree that is classified as a hardwood tree. However, when it comes to both furniture and Hardwood Flooring In Tribeca, the term is used to describe a wood that is durable enough to survive the effects of people walking on it – especially ladies wearing high heels.

Imported timber such as teak, mahogany or ironwood can be used for Hardwood Flooring In Tribeca as can the more local hardwoods like Aspen, Beech, Birch and Elm. These woods can be literally sliced into relatively thin plank like strips to cover floors or they can be laminated onto lower cost substrates for more economically priced Hardwood Flooring For Tribeca.

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