Bathroom upgrades bound to please you

Bathroom remodeling in Rockland County NY is something that will provide you and your family with many years of comfort and pleasure. Bathrooms are very tricky spaces, there is a lot going on in a typical bathroom, and there is not a great deal of space to do it in, furthermore there is a lot of water ready to take advantage of any leaks. Plan ahead, set a manageable budget and stick to it are two important keys to keeping your bathroom remodeling project on track. There are a few things that can help ensure a successful outcome.

When you undertake any remodeling project around your home you want the results to meet your expectations but also add value to your home in the event, you sell it in the future.

The unexpected: Hidden damage from water is one of the most common problems found when you start bathroom remodeling in Rockland County NY. A floor that feels weak and “spongy” is a sure sign of serious damage and has to be taken into account in the budget. A contractor who knows his job will explore the project, identifying as many possible areas of concern as possible. A good rule of thumb is to add about 15 percent to your budget to cover the unexpected, if it turns out that the money is not needed you have a nice little windfall.

Hide the toilet: A bathroom can be kept both stylish and functional, it can also be discreet. If at all possible try to hide the toilet, this can be done by designing a “room in a room” or behind a half-wall or if a framed wall is not practical then a well-chosen piece of furniture such as an armoire can work well.

Appropriate surfaces: The surfaces in a bathroom do far more than simply add to the aesthetics. A bathroom takes considerable abuse; porcelain tile is a good choice for the walls and floor. To minimize the grout lines use larger size tiles, grout is one area that can quickly attract mold and mildew. Porcelain sinks are popular, but there is a tendency for them to chip, consider enamel on steel. Granite and Quartz are ideal surfaces for a vanity top. Laminate surfaces are popular and are often chosen as they are cost effective.

These are but a few things to consider when you are undertaking bathroom remodeling in Rockland County NY.

If you are considering bathroom remodeling in Rockland County NY you will be happy when you work with a specialist. You are invited to contact the professionals at RWS Building & Remodeling for a free estimate.

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