Basic Treatments for Sports Injury in Salt Lake City, Utah

No matter what your activity level is and what type of activities you participate in, you have more than likely suffered a sport injury before. The treatment that you receive for your sports injury in Salt Lake City, Utah is important for determining how the injury will recover later. Effective sports injury treatment is the only way to ensure a fast, smooth recovery for any type of sports-related injury. If mishandled, it can cause you to spend even more time in recovery and away from your favorite activities.

Basic Sport Injury Treatment

There is a basic sports injury treatment that everybody who plays sports knows. It’s the R.I.C.E. method. It breaks down as:

R – Rest

Be sure to allow the injured spot to rest so that it can settle and provide a clearer picture of the injury.

I – Ice

Use ice on the injured spot to help reduce the swelling that normally occurs. Besides helping with swelling, it also numbs the area to help reduce the pain from the injury. This is extremely crucial, according to Hand & Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists.

C – Compress

After icing the injured spot or when going to sleep, it is of the utmost importance to bandage the injured area. This helps to further reduce the swelling and limit water retention that might collect in the injured area.

E – Elevate

Finally, you want to elevate the injured area above heart level. This helps to provide better blood circulation around the injured spot. This is especially helpful when sleeping at night.

By utilizing these steps, you can be sure that you are on the path to making a total recovery. Just remember to be sure to contact the appropriate specialists when a serious injury occurs.

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