Basic Information for Renting a Dumpster in CT

10763151_lDumpster rentals are convenient and affordable. A company drops off the dumpster, you fill it, and they come back and haul it away. Trash removal doesn’t get any easier than that. You can get a range of sizes from 4 yards to 30 cubic yards, depending on the clean up or project. Most companies have clear, upfront pricing so you know exactly what you are spending with no surprises. There is no shortage of companies in this industry so renting a Dumpster in CT& is not a problem, and you can usually get one delivered the same or next day.

When you request a dumpster, you must be specific about where you want it to go on your property. You must also make sure access to the area and the area itself is free from obstacles so the way is cleared for the delivery. Should the truck get there with the dumpster and the way is blocked, you may be charged an extra fee for wait time or re-delivery. You can rent the dumpster for a day or two or by the week. Check out the company’s web site or ask about specials and coupons. Many places offer deals for spring cleaning, or new construction or whatever. Companies will answer questions regarding what size dumpster to use for any given project.

There are some things that cannot be put in a dumpster for safety reasons. Hazard materials such as asbestos, nuclear waste and antifreeze are prohibited. Flammables like ammunition, explosives and fireworks are not allowed to go in a dumpster. Medical waste, controlled substances and used medications cannot be placed in a dumpster. These may seem like common sense exclusions, but people do try to avoid municipal fees by sneaking these items into a rental dumpster. If you are caught, there is at least an extra fee charged and at most, possible prosecution. Take care to pay attention to what you are putting in the dumpster and what should not go in at all.

A Dumpster in CT is a good way to clean up your yard or house quickly and efficiently. Many companies recycle much of what they collect in dumpsters, so you are also helping the environment.

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